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General Information


Art email: customerservice@americanaccents.com

Digital art requirements: Adobe Illustrator ( .AI or .EPS ) files

  1. (.EPS) files need to be saved as “vector” or “editable”.
  2. Vector art containing fonts must be converted to curves or outlines.
  3. Objects of the same color must be grouped and placed on the same layer.
  4. 4-color process art should be converted to CMYK, resolution should be minimum of 300 DPI at the finished print size, saved as .tiff or .jpg files.

Clip Art: We have a variety of clip art images available for use. View available clip art under the clip art page of our website. If different images are requested, we can research and create additional clip art for an art charge of $50 (Z) per hour, minimum charge of ½ hour.

Typesetting: If text is requested to be added or used as artwork, we offer typesetting. View available fonts on our website under the fonts page. For orders over $200, 5 lines of text or 75 characters is free of charge. Orders under $200 will be charged an hourly art fee of $50 (Z) per hour, minimum charge of ½ hour.

Art Charges: In the event that acceptable camera ready art is not available, we will make our art department available to assist with re-creation of art. The fee for this service is $50 (Z) per hour, minimum charge of ½ hour. You will be quoted on this service and will be required to submit written approval of the charges.

Artwork Retrieval: To retrieve and forward a digital copy of artwork from current or past orders there will be an artwork retrieval fee of $30 (Z). A purchase order is required. Include the previous order number and the email address which to forward the file.

Trademarks: All copy and art submitted by the distributor will be accepted by the factory as being submitted in full compliance with all applicable laws regarding trademark, licensing, copyright, right of privacy, patent, or similar protection. Factory will be held harmless from all claims and cost arising from these issues.

Right to Promote: Trademarked, licensed, and copyrighted logos contained in this catalog are not for sale. They are for the illustration of printing capabilities only and do not represent endorsement from their respective owners. By placing an order, distributor understands that overruns may be used for digital or print media illustrating factory’s printing capabilities.