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General Information

Printing Disclaimers

Maximum Imprint: Imprint area specifications can be found on our website under individual items. We recommend staying 20% under this area. Unless specified at the time of order, we will enlarge or reduce your image to fit within these areas. Artwork is enlarged and reduced proportionally by both width and height. Therefore, if you request maximum imprint area, only one of the dimensions may be maximized.

Wrap Imprints: There will be a gap of approximately 3/4" on screen printed cups and approximately 1/2" on offset and digital printed cups. Screen print wrap imprints are limited to one color. Offset and Digital wrap imprints are offered as multiple color.

Thin Lines: American Accents recommends using 1pt line or thicker for thin lines. Reversed lines require 2pt line or thicker (see graphic example). If recommendations are not followed, we cannot be held responsible for the outcome.


Small Text: American Accents recommends using 8pt fonts or larger for basic text. Script and reversed out fonts should be 10pt or larger (see graphic example).


Halftones & Screen Tints: Halftones will not appear as smooth when printed as viewed on the computer screen or printout, unless the output device is set to print tints at 55, 65, 85, 90, 90 LPI. (See graphic example). Tints below 20% at 65 LPI cannot be achieved and tints over 80% at 65 LPI will appear solid. Due to this coarseness of the halftones, we recommend images be outlined with a solid outline. (See graphic example). Purple = screen print napkins / Red = screen print cups / Green = offset print / Blue = pad print / Yellow gold = process print


Pantone® Matching System: Otherwise known as PMS is a system shared worldwide by the printing industry. PMS is a system that standardizes the definition of color wherby printers in separate locations can be assured of the color outcome. The use of the term PMS or PMS # in this catalog refers to Pantone® Matching System and its intellectual property.

Ink Color Match: American Accents offers free PMS matching. We take great pride in our ability to match PMS colors, however color match is only guaranteed +/- one shade on white / clear items. We cannot guarantee PMS match on colored items. If a purchase order says to use a PMS # and the color described does not match the number given, we are not responsible. We do not check to see if the PMS # provided is the color stated. Due to the nature of uncoated products, they will not exhibit the "sheen" of a coated ink color, we will use Pantone® solid uncoated colors when printing on uncoated products.

Ink Odor: Products are printed with inks that must evaporate to dry. Vapors may be trapped in the plastic packaging before they have completely dissipated. The inks are dry, but there may be a residual odor in the package from the vapors. Some colors of ink have more odor than others and the amount of ink coverage can affect the amount of odor. This odor, should it be present, is not considered a defect. It is similar to painting a room in your home. The paint will be dry, but there will be an odor that remains for several days. Should this odor be a concern, remove the products from the plastic packaging and let them air to eliminate the odor. Normally, once the products are placed for use, any odor that remains will quickly dissipate.

Ink Adhesion: Products are sold as disposable and for one time use only. Some items are stamped as residential top rack dishwasher safe. However, due to environmental variables beyond American Accents' control, the imprint is not guaranteed to stay on.

Ink Changes: American Tradition ink color changes are available in increments of 50 pieces, cost of $15 (V) per change. American Hi-Speed ink color changes are available in increments of 15,000 pieces, cost of $65 (V) per change.

Second Side Imprint on Coasters: The imprint orientation is not guaranteed to match the orientation on the first side when printing on both sides of coasters.

Printing of Beverage Wraps & Sleeves: Artwork used to print wraps is created flat. Once the wrap is placed on a cup, the image will take on the taper of the cup. This is not considered a defect.

Copy Changes: Copy changes are not available.

Combined Quantity: Combined quantity pricing is not available.

Over / Under Runs: We make every effort to ship exact quantities ordered. However, over / under runs can be +/- 10%.

Premium Backgrounds: Choose from any of our images and apply them to digitally printed items to create a perceived higher value at no additional cost. The backgrounds in the catalog and website are a representation of our images and may vary from the final printed product. Background image color may vary from re-order to re-order or within an order if multiple presses are used. This is not considered a defect.

Stock & Custom Shapes: Art templates are available on American Accents website. These templates illustrate correct bleed and margin size. Majority of shapes require 1/8” bleed past the cut line. Factory recommends a 3/16” copy margin inside of the cut line. Printed borders are highly discouraged, due to variation of the actual cut line. Second sided imprints will show this variation to a greater extent. Customer submitted custom shaped items will need to be evaluated by our art department and may require modification in order to cut. These issues are not considered a defect.

Standard Ink Colors: If a PMS # is not available, you may choose from our standard ink colors. We offer free PMS matching, so feel free to supply a Pantone® color if available. 2X and 4 digit metallic PMS #’s are not available. 800 series colors are limited to the PMS #’s shown.* Represents the default color when more than one choice is available.


Layout: Unless otherwise specified, we will default to our standard placement (marked in red). Shadow on the napkins illustrates the ruffled edge. Cups are printed one side as a standard, however there is not an extra cost to print as 2 sided or a wrap, but must be specified.